When we have forgotten


the uniqueness of our desire

the heart's truth of our passion

the sound of our inner voice

the wisdom of quietude

the ability to receive

the wellspring of our creativity

the pleasure of our body


We have lost touch with the Power of the Yin.


The Body of Work that I offer

Sacred Physical Practice

Hands-on Healing Therapy


Reconnects you to



the realm of the senses

the ecstasy of being in the body

the rhythm of Nature's cycles

your relationship to Mystery

the voice of your intuition

the vibrancy of your creativity

the truth of your sexual soul



nourishment from the "endless flow of inexhaustible energy"

The valley spirit never dies.
It is called the mysterious feminine.

The entrance to the mysterious feminine
is called the root of Heaven and Earth.

Endless Flow
of inexhaustible energy.
— Tao de Ching (Addiss & Lombardi)

The practices of the Power of the Yin are for everyone

women and men

As we tonify and replenish the Yin, the Yang is also harmonized and nourished.


I offer this work through

classes, workshops, ritual practices, private sessions.


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