Daven’s deep and beautiful personal practice penetrates her teaching. The poetic imagery that springs out of her takes you on a journey of your internal landscape that is both sensual and spiritual. Daven has truly found her calling as a teacher and a modern-day female alchemist.
— Diana Razumny, The Journey Inward Feldenkrais

Daven Lee

In September 2012, after a lifetime of various serious physical disciplines and practices ranging from ballet to figure skating to Iyengar Yoga, I became a student of Daoism and Chinese Five Element Theory through the sacred physical practices of Qigong, Internal Alchemy and Sacred Daoist Sexuality at the MogaDao Institute. This study culminated in my 2014 certification as a teacher in several of the MogaDao disciplines, including yoga. 

This practice opened a doorway for me: awakening my love of teaching; joining physical refinement to spiritual experience; exploring other systems of movement and embodiment, such as Feldenkrais; and becoming a practitioner in the healing modality of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and offering Breast Health Sessions.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has allowed me to take the sensitivity to energy that I have cultivated in my qigong practice, my in-depth understanding of psychology and emotion, my love and knowledge of the body, awe at our shared spiritual journeys and my empathic knowing to support people in their healing and transformational process.  It is humbling to share in this mystery with clients, and to be able to do so through touch.

These practices have given me a form in which to deeply study, experience, express and share my passion for women’s health and wellness in the childbearing year and throughout the life cycle, human sexuality as an expression of our essential natures, the dynamics of intimate relationships, the call of Eros, the rhythms and mysteries of nature and so much more.

 In 2005, I started my business,  Love+Leche .

In 2005, I started my business, Love+Leche.

I am the mother of two children, own the business Love+Leche, and have lived in Santa Fe for over 22 years.