The Wood Element

Wood is the element of Spring, and expresses in its phase, the excitement of beginnings, dreams, ideas and possibilities.  Like the young shoots that emerge from the earth, this phase is both vulnerable and tender, and requires great fortitude, vision and will.  The Liver, the organ of Wood, plays a special role in ushering the qi of the Kidney to the Heart to be manifested.  Wood, when thwarted, can get angry. But when Wood keeps its vision and perspective, it becomes wise, continuing with a smooth flow of movement, towards Destiny.

Meditations and Lectures

A selection of audio recordings from classes and workshops.

The Water Element

The organ of the Water Element is the Kidney.  The Kidney, in Chinese medicine and Daoist understanding, contains our essential, original energy; the seed of our being that, when cultivated, leads us to our Destiny. This energy is synonymous with our sexual energy, that with which we create, generate and give birth. The Water element is the deepest Yin element, representing the sense of Eternity and the larger patterns of the universe, allowing a spiritual context for our lives and experiences that is far vaster than our day to day concerns and worries.  This perspective leads us to Wisdom.

The Metal Element

In the phase of Metal, we move into the season of Autumn.  Metal is the sharp sword of discernment and self-reckoning.  We examine our shadow, that which we had forgotten in the height of summer.  We call on discipline to hone our path, to forge our soul.  We are willing to enter into the suffering of grief, the emotion associated with Metal, in order to experience metal's alchemy: our grief opens our heart and leads us to the joy of love.