The movement of life energy in the body has a palpable rhythm, and a rising and falling along the midline of the body. The Founders of BCST referred to these movements, which have different rates, as “Tides”. The Tides were also known, collectively, as “the Breath of Life.”

The movement of life energy in the body has a palpable rhythm, and a rising and falling along the midline of the body. The Founders of BCST referred to these movements, which have different rates, as “Tides”. The Tides were also known, collectively, as “the Breath of Life.”

I’m always aware with Daven that her gifts are not just those of technique, understanding and a real kindness of touch. She brings a supple and deep intuitive feeling for what is emerging, for what the body and its energies may need. It’s as if she can sense the body as a subtle rise and fall of unfolding questions. And her hands listen. Never manipulative, always empathic, her work for me brings a wonderful quietude and peace.
— Criss Jay

What distinguishes Biodynamics from other forms of CST?

As a practitioner, I do not look at your system and determine what needs to be “done.” Rather, I listen and tune in to your system, and allow it to reveal its priorities for healing. Then I track, support and respond as your system moves through its inherent healing process—choosing the steps, sequence of events, and degree to which it is ready to release, realign and reintegrate itself. It is a beautiful and wise process to which I bring my refined skills of observation, my fluency in the body’s language of anatomy, and a holding of space and a root, in the presence of which your system can feel safe to reorganize and remember.

“Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is unusual in that it can hold the spectrum of healing from very effective and quick pain relief in both acute and chronic conditions in a few sessions, to a deep inquiry of what it means to exist in a body over a number of years.  Some people see it as silent psychotherapy.  Other people use it as a gentle form of physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic.  People diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer find BCST as a source of ongoing support.” –Sumner & Haines, Cranial Intelligence

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

You held such a clear and supportive space in our session, and the effects of it are quite profound. I have continually returned to feeling the self clarity and rejuvenation that I experienced on your table during our session.
— Ashley Rowe,

The Physical

BCST is a therapy that works with the autonomic nervous system to bring the body into an enhanced state of rest and recovery. This is the state of the body where the body’s natural healing occurs: engaging the immune system, resolving illness and injuries, easing anxiety, solving digestive issues, aligning the spine and skeleton, bringing clarity to the mind, freedom to the spirit and so much more.  When you are working at the level of the nervous system and restoring its healthy state, you are working at the foundation level of health in the body. Dramatic transformation can occur on multiple levels all at once.

The term “craniosacral” describes the landscape of the nervous system: the brain, and the spinal cord which extends all the way down to the sacrum (at the level of the pelvis/buttocks) to the tip of the tailbone.  From this center, nerves extend into every part of our physical bodies, enervating, governing, and responding to every process, activity and experience of the body—and therefore ourselves.  

The Metaphysical

Injuries and illnesses are always manifestations from the Essential Self, the part of you that is timeless and infinite.  They arise as signposts, seeking our attention to bring us back to our Essential Selves and the path of our Destiny.

As a practitioner, my orientation is to recognize your Essential Self beneath all the overlays of circumstance and conditioning of this life, while acknowledging the layers of your expression as your Health, Intelligence and Wisdom, from the anatomical level of specificity to the metaphysical of your soul’s journey.  With this recognition, injuries and illnesses can resolve, as you come back home to the sense of yourself.

Because of its gentle and non-invasive approach, BCST is appropriate and effective for many conditions and all ages, including infants, children, and elders.

Learn more about the autonomic nervous system here.

My office is at 1010 Marquez Place Lofts, Suite D6, Santa Fe.

I am a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST® ) with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America

Daven’s work is gentle and nurturing with almost no direct manipulation or movement, so it feels safe if you have an injury or are in pain. Yet, something is happening deep inside – after each session I felt deep relaxation of parts of my body that I suspect had been tensed for years. I’ve tried over the year to relax these muscles myself, but was never able to accomplish what I experienced in Daven’s session.
— Amy Pilling
With Daven’s intentional, masterful touch and guidance, the body responds immediately and you can feel the intricate work of opening, quieting, organizing, and healing happening on the spot. The time on the table feels like a meditation, a needed respite from the chaos and complaints, a re-centering, and a remembering. I always leave a session with a renewed focus and calm, ready to re-enter and re-engage in life and creative pursuits, and I always leave more curious of the body’s incredible capacity to participate and reveal itself.
— Geneveive Russell,