Thank you

for scheduling a session with me.

My office is located at 1010 Marquez Place Lofts, Suite D6.

Contact: 505-412-1857 talk/text

Single sessions, $125+tax ($135.55)
Six weekly session series (highly recommended), $695+tax ($753.64)
Payments accepted: Cash*, check written to Daven Lee, or Paypal
*Note: cash payments will not be charged tax.

  • Your session time is scheduled for about one hour. (First sessions, ~1.5 hours.) Arrive on time to get the most out of your session. Occasionally we may go over an hour. Let me know if you have time constraints.

  • Pay for your session when you arrive so that you can leave “with your session.”

  • Please honor a 24-hour cancellation window.

  • Please come scent-free: no perfumes, fragrances, strong deodorant, laundry detergent, etc.

  • Be sure to turn off your cell phone (including vibrate).

  • The sessions are done fully clothed. Wear whatever clothing you are comfortable in. I have blankets layers on the table for warmth.

  • When you schedule your first session, I recommend you allow time after the session to integrate, rest and reflect. Experiences can range from a deep need to rest to feeling energized, disoriented, clear, emotional, calm and everything in between! Drink lots of water, take a nap, go for a gentle walk, journal your experience. Taking this time will help you to embody the changes of the session in your nervous system and psyche.

  • Our sessions, and your status as my client, are kept in strict confidentiality.