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4-Session Series plus 4 Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy sessions:

  • Series takes place over four consecutive weeks, one session of each (Sacred Daoist Sexuality and BCST), each week

  • Available for women and men

  • Women can also choose Breast Health Sessions in rotation with BCST sessions

  • There is no nudity or intimate touching (except in Breast Health Sessions, which involve non-sexual, therapeutic touch

  • Registration by interview. Contact me to schedule an interview to discuss your needs, inspiration and intention drawing you to this work; and to discuss cost and scheduling.

Listening to the Call of Your Sexual Soul: A Private Intensive in Sacred Daoist Sexuality

preparing for a new lover
igniting your creative fire
awakening libido
Aligning with your Life Path
embodying your power

Your Sexual Soul wants to be heard.  It carries the key to your Destiny and speaks of your essential truth.  It is your creative source, a path to your joy and aliveness, and an expression of the pleasure of being in your body.  It is your offering to a lover and the resource for your own ecstasy.  When you connect with your sexual truth, you become trustworthy: a whole person.

In a private series, we work one-on-one, using guided meditation, energy work, qigong, Sacred Daoist Sexuality Practices, ritual, the imaginal mind, and a new understanding of sexual anatomy, in a sacred setting to invoke your Sexual Soul. 

We listen together as It gains Its voice and speaks.

I’ll admit when I first began my private sacred sexuality series with Daven, I was a little intimidated. Her presence, the absolute ease with how she taught, her breadth of knowledge, and body of wisdom—it was a lot to take in. It’s so very easy to put somebody like that up on a pedestal, to let them take on guru status. But the thing about Daven is not so much about her being on a pedestal, but how she so gracefully reaches down and lifts you up onto your own. Through Daven’s sacred, kind, gentle, humor-laced and wise teachings, I was able at last to rise up and claim my own rightful place on the pedestal of my whole and sacred sexuality.
— Dante Jerico, author "Sacred Changes, Sacred Choices: Meditations from the I Ching"