Taking private training in Morning Medical Qigong with Daven was an extraordinary experience. She showed an uncanny ability to hone in on what was going on with me and tie it seamlessly into the practice. I am forever grateful to Daven for her commitment, expertise and grace in showing me the way.
— Sarah Maxwell

Private Instruction

All of the practices I teach lend themselves to incredibly powerful individual work, as we respond to you and your own seasons and cycles, as well as the deeper callings of your essential self.  This practice serves all levels: the physical, psychospiritual, soul, sexual; in short, supporting your fullest embodiment and expression.  Private instruction for individuals, couples or groups allows for the most instinctual, creative and precise use of all the modalities I offer.

Individual Sessions, $125/hour
Integrative Therapy

Private Series in Sacred Daoist Sexuality


I get easily overwhelmed in group classes where significant amounts of information are being shared. Working one to one with Daven is a gift. She is passionate about teaching what she has learned and she listens. She listens to my observations about what I need and to her intuition. Teacher-as-listener matters a lot to me and isn’t always easily found.
— Veena Vasista