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Winter Solstice Women's Practice

  • YogaSource 314 S. Guadalupe St Santa Fe, NM 87501 (map)

Honor the Yin on the Darkest Day of the Year
Women’s Practice led by Daven Lee and Heidi Svboda

The Power of the Yin is mysterious, unpredictable, diffuse and unaccountable to time. It is the source of birth and the return to death; the dark night of the soul and the fertile ground from which new life and creativity emerges.

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As Women we are naturally endowed with the qualities of the Yin.
This is our gift to bring to the world, and the resource for knowing our essential selves. When we practice together, we sanctify the Yin, and support each other in our journeys into the mysterious, internal, dark potency of the feminine, braving its liminal depths together.

Our practice, led by Daven, will focus on the quintessential women’s MogaDao qigong form: Butterfly, or the Thousand Waters.  There will be simple qigong warm up forms as well as some instruction.  We will be accompanied by Heidi Svboda, Master Sound Healer, on bowls, gongs, and other sacred instruments.  The practice will culminate in a sound ritual led by Heidi. 

No previous experience with qigong is necessary.


Heidi Svboda has been practicing healing arts for 20 years. She is a massage therapist, as well as an internationally certified sound healer and gong master.  Heidi has a strong connection to sacred places and the natural environment. When she plays the gongs all of the sacred energy of all the sacred sights and all of the elements move through her and each sound is medicine.

Please note: This event will be held at YogaSource on Guadalupe; however it is an independent event, not sponsored by YS. Preregister here, or contact me directly.