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How to Make Love to a Woman: a Workshop for Men

  • Vedic Chant Center 901 West San Mateo Road Santa Fe, NM, 87505 United States (map)

Cultivating Presence, Sensitivity and Energy; Understanding Anatomy


Read more on my Jan 8 blog post.

“He had more life in him than he himself needed.  He meant to give that to me.  It was life itself. . . it was eternity that he offered me. . .”          --Winter's Tales, Isak Denisen                                          

What is "true Yang" and how can it be embodied?
How can a male lover understand and meet the Yin in his partner?

Learn about Sacred Daoist Sexuality & Qigong practices
Explore the dynamics of Yin & Yang in Lovemaking

Understand a Woman’s Intimate Anatomy:
Her complex arousal network and sexual response
Female ejaculation & Orgasm
Similarities and differences between male & female anatomy
Become the best Lover you can be

This workshop will be taught in a safe container that supports curiosity, vulnerability, candidness and respect. Sexuality is a sacred gift that connects us to our most essential selves. To study and practice the sexual arts is a spiritual calling and commitment to the beauty of being human.

Limited to six participants. $75. PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  Please feel free to contact me if you are considering registering to connect with me first, or for more information.

I have known and studied yoga, qigong and daoist sexuality practices with Daven Lee for over 4 years and have always appreciated her clarity and directness in communication, depth of insight & unique perspective and integrity in purpose. Regarding her teaching on the topic of sexuality, Daven holds a space of safety, guiding the group with ease, sensitivity and respect. I think she holds a beautiful space for men and would highly recommend this class.
— John Meade

Can't make this workshop, or prefer to work one-on-one?  Learn about my Sacred Daoist Sexuality Private Series offering here.

Some of these teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Zhenzan Dao.