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Qigong Practice for Men's Sexual Health and Flourishing

  • Vedic Chant Center 901 West San Mateo Road Santa Fe, NM, 87505 United States (map)

Sexual energy, known as Jing in Chinese Medicine, is our sacred birthright energy; our native, procreative qi.  It is this energy which guides us on our unique path in this life--our destiny--and is the source of our health, vibrancy and vitality.  To cultivate this energy is not only to become a better lover, but to become integrous and whole, and to express the fullness of our being. 

In MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, there are qigong forms and energy practices that specifically cultivate and refine sexual energy.  In this class, we will practice these forms with particular emphasis on the men's forms and considerations unique to male sexuality.  Some of the forms will be be taught in detail so that students can begin to embody them, take them home and integrate them into their personal practice.

This class is being offered as a companion and follow-up to the men's workshop given in June, and is also appropriate for new practitioners.

Preregistration is required.