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Yoni Intensive: Pleasure, Health, Practice & Mystery

As the essence of the Yin—internal, unknowable, vast and unpredictable—our yonis are often mysterious even to ourselves.

And in a culture that values false Yang, such mysterious power—unmeasurable, uncontrollable, messy—is easy to shame as dangerous, irrational, irrelevant.

Our yonis become objectified, abused and silenced.

There are many paths and practices from wisdom traditions to new understandings that can help us to begin to know this deep part of ourselves—and therefore connect us to the astonishing power that our yonis offer us.

This very special intimate workshop will explore:

  • Daoist practices for cultivating and caring for our sexual energy

  • Understanding the physiological sequence of sexual arousal

  • The Thousand Waters of the Feminine

  • The sacred geometry of our sexual anatomy

  • Self care rituals that promote our health and pleasure

  • Qigong forms that express the archetype of the feminine, the Yin and the Yoni

  • As a bonus: one session of the weekend will be devoted to breast care and cultivation (and the connection between the breasts and yoni).

This workshop is open to six participants by invitation only.
Please contact me if you are interested in attending.

Saturday September 14, 10am-4pm
Sunday September 15, 10am-2pm

While the material will be of an intimate and vulnerable nature, there is no nudity or intimate touching in this workshop.

Some of these teachings and practices are derived from the MogaDao practice, circa 2012-2014.