The Transformational Individual Intensive Program
with Daven Lee


Are you finding yourself struggling with life changes, unfulfilled longing, or despair—or all of the above?

Do you feel you’ve lost connection with your inner voice, your creativity, the pleasure of your body, your very potency?

Do you feel like a part of you might be lost, or even dying?

Believe it or not, all that chaos, change and pain is not trying to crush you. It’s trying to get your attention, to bring you back to a part of yourself that may be sublimated, but is not lost, and is most certainly not dead.

It is the Voice of your Soul, and it wants to lead you to the path of your highest calling.

And the way to your highest calling is to connect with your native energy and the Divine Feminine. I call this The Power of the Yin.

If you feel called to work with me you already feel this power within you, but may need healing, support, and practices to fully manifest your unique expression of the Divine Feminine.  

You need a safe and sacred space and a skilled and reliable guide to help you access this potency.

You need a Priestess of the Yin.

That’s me!

And this is the program, lovingly designed, to guide you back to your source and the Infinite Resource that is waiting for you in the Power of the Yin.

I can’t wait to walk this path with you!

Daven’s presence, the absolute ease with how she teaches, her breadth of knowledge, and body of wisdom—it’s a lot to take in. It’s so very easy to put somebody like that up on a pedestal.

But the thing about Daven is not so much about her being on a pedestal, but how she so gracefully reaches down and lifts you up onto your own.

Through Daven’s sacred, kind, gentle, humor-laced and wise teachings, I was able at last to rise up and claim my own rightful place on the pedestal of my whole and sacred sexuality.
— Dante Jerico, artist & author, Sacred Changes, Sacred Choices: Meditations from the I Ching;

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