The Power of the Yin

The valley spirit never dies.
It is called the mysterious female.

The entrance to the mysterious female
Is called the root of Heaven and Earth.

Endless flow
Of inexhaustible energy.
— Tao de Ching (Addiss & Lombardo)

The Power of the Yin was born out of my own practice experience, my students' needs, and a longing for harmonized, healthy Yin and Yang in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our world. 

Yin and Yang are the dualities that emerged out of the Whole, or the Dao; these two in turn gave birth to the "ten thousand things" of our Earthly world.  The Yin is the feminine principle, the "endless, inexhaustible resource," the internal, chaotic, intuitive, receptive, soft; dark and deep like the earth.  The Yang is associated with the masculine, and is clear, directional, singular, temporal, ordered; shining and vast like the great sky above.  We can't possibly live without both; and yet we are in danger of living only the extremes. is


Nourishing the Yin naturally harmonizes the Yang; each polarity coming into its own fullness; then transforming into its opposite, and back again, in an endless, subtle cycle.  These truths are mirrored all around us in Nature, in the galaxies, in our psyches. We can access these truths through sacred physical practices that work with energy, archetype and movement.  Thus our bodies and our psyche become tuned to the permutations of these polarities allowing us to feel more fully embodied and to move ever more clearly towards that great Daoist understanding of our Destiny, which returns us to the Wholeness of the Dao.


The Power of the Yin was formerly The Sacred Arts of a Daoist Woman (DaoistWoman.com).