In Daven’s yoga class we move between stillness and fierceness. I am inspired to move into fire, to break through old habits as well as to be gentle and self-nourishing. Her references from Daoism offer an intriguing context for the work. Daven’s imaginative and intuitive teaching style is a wonderful example of the potential of yoga practice. I look forward to her classes which fluidly change with the seasons and with life itself.
— Judy Hertzl, Marketing Partner, Artist, Writer
I wholeheartedly suggest that you go see this yoga class for yourself. You’ll experience a teacher who’s stepping deeper and deeper into her own river of destiny. Daven’s classes are exquisite, and growing deeper all the time. She is quite simply a natural; she has found her calling.
— Mark Jensen, Qigong teacher, Chiropractor, Post-Modern Wizard

Cycles, Stillness and Flow:  A Daoist Asana Practice

This class is not currently being offered

We are of nature. Our moods, health, physical forms and psyches are all mirrors of nature’s patterns, seasonal transitions and wisdom: they are reflections of the Dao.

Cycles, Stillness & Flow is a physical, psychological and spiritual experience of the Chinese 5 Elements through challenging, restorative and dynamic asana practice, as well as qigong and other sacred physical practices.  Alignment and precision accompany flow, building strength and flexibility while protecting and cultivating our vital energy or qi. This scope of this teaching is wide and responsive to the season, the given day, and the medicinal needs of the students.  Practice can include qigong, Internal Alchemy and guided meditation as well as a Feldenkrais influence.