A Mother is Born

private program for new mothers and families

I have a vision . . .

Instead of anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, relationship tension, and confusion. . .

What if the transitional six months of a family’s Childbearing Year became a sacred time of self-care, support and healing, creating a template of vibrant health and a foundation of strength and resilience that became woven into the fabric of a family’s culture impacting the generations to come?

This is my program’s offer to you.

You have a unique and natural expression of motherhood

that is just right for your baby.

But the reality of pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming. Not all things go according to plan. Or maybe this journey is just not what you expected. Physical pain and discomfort, unexpected emotions, past traumas and the process of stepping into a new identity of motherhood can pull you off balance.

Without skilled support, wise guidance, and the opportunity to process your experiences and emotions, you can lose your way. Rather than being a Heroine’s journey, the passage to motherhood can be disempowering, traumatizing and isolating.

This is where my work with you comes in. My program offers a built-in structure, for a full six-months from the last trimester to the first three months of your new baby’s life, of attention and support for you*, guaranteeing rich self-care windows of time that will reap incredible benefits of calm, centeredness, ease of transitions, resilience and support for the truly natural process of childbearing—and mothering—with the potential to reduce interventions and increase healthy, easeful outcomes for the good of the entire family.

With pregnancy and birth, it is not just a baby being born. A mother is born too.

I so look forward to walking this profound journey with you.

*(In fact, my program also includes focused support for your partner, older siblings, and most essentially, your newborn.)

In my years of working with mothers and families I consistently saw the need for more support than what can be done in individual session times. The time leading up to birth and immediately following are some of the most important, and potentially stressful times in a family’s life.

I don’t know of any other program that could provide such comprehensive support and knowledge as Daven’s ‘A Mother is Born’ program
— Anne Herrick Dienel, RCST, BCST,

Three spaces available beginning April 2019